ABOUT THIS ORGANIZATION - "ONE is a campaigning and advocacy organization of nearly eight million people around the world taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. We believe the fight against poverty isn’t about charity, but about justice and equality. Whether lobbying political leaders in world capitals or running cutting-edge grassroots campaigns, ONE pressures governments to do more to fight AIDS and other preventable, treatable diseases in the poorest places on the planet, to empower small-holder farmers, to expand access to energy, and to combat corruption so governments are accountable to their citizens. Cofounded by Bono and other activists, ONE is strictly nonpartisan." Read more at one.org.

November 2013
New Hope Leeward, Waipahu
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A collaborative event with FUSE Hawaii. Live music by DJ Enjay, Maryanne Ito and Marc Carlos. Art displays by Efren Renon Jr., Kalvene Lorenzo, Ramir Belmes, Shaun Castro, and Travis Sahugan. Vendors included Freelance, KGKL, Izri Supply Co., and REVO Oahu. Emceed by Pastor Brandon Ahu.

August 2012
3rd Cup Cafe & Venue, Waipahu
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Spoken Word by Arnel Data, Ashley Ancheta, and Drew Imagination. Live music by DJ Enjay, Amanda Frazier, Hope Mayo, Maryanne Ito, Stutterin' Stan, and Tiffany Ganotisi. Vendors included Freelance, KGKL, Izri Supply Co., SQNT, Iratik, and REVO Oahu. Emceed by Jessie Domingo and Jameson Santos.